Dan Spătărel

Teacher & former competitor

Are you passionate about algorithms and computer science?

I can help by giving you a proper USACO & IOI training: knowledge and insight into complex algorithms and data structures.

About me

I'm a former competitor with relevant teaching experience.

I've worked with over 250 students from various countries and I've dedicated myself to improving my teaching methods.

I put my students on a systematic preparation program that amplifies their strengths.

As a result, every year, many of my students are awarded medals at national competitions. A few among them qualify for and are awarded medals at international competitions.

Some of my former students got accepted for internships and even got jobs at companies like Google, Facebook, Bloomberg, Apple or Microsoft.

About my method

I can help my students along the way by:

  • presenting them the unfamiliar topics in an easy to understand manner;
  • assigning them various problems to solve weekly;
  • providing hints on how certain questions (problems) need to be solved, when they are struggling.

My coaching and mentoring will focus on skills essential in competitive programming:

  • finding solutions and proving their correctness;
  • estimating running time and memory usage;
  • testing and debugging code;
  • writing efficient and compact code;
  • organizing my students' work.

Teaching Experience

  • Nov, 2010 - Present - Private instructor for The National Olympiad in Informatics & The International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI)
  • Jan, 2013 - Jun, 2016 - Competitive Programming Teacher at 'Tudor Vianu' National College of Computer Science, Bucharest, Gifted & Talented Class
  • Jan, 2012 - Jun, 2014 - Competitive Programming Teacher at 'The International Computer High School of Bucharest, Gifted & Talented Class

Online USACO Tutoring

For teaching online I use Skype for voice only and Google Docs for pair programming (it allows me to see in real time what the student is typing and vice-versa).

I find working in small groups of up to four students quite helpful because they can share ideas and spring new interesting discussions. Many of my top students are working with me in such groups. The students are grouped by their USACO division.

Mission statement

  • Offer students the opportunity to sharpen their competitive programming skills by providing them with training material and challenging problems
  • Enhance the quality of computer programming education by providing educational and motivational support
  • Support students in their endeavor to compete at international competitions and be at their best
Years Teaching Experience
International medals won by students